Volume 2 Issue 6

The first thing I noticed about…

In this issue, writers were asked to use this very leading phrase to launch their stories. The stories this issue are doubled in length, resulting in six juicy stories to satisfy your reading appetite. Enjoy!

(2) Sonya by Kelli J Gavin
(3) Daily Routine by Louis Kasatkin
(4) To Tell the Truth by Copper Rose
(5) Mismatched by Henry Bladon
(6) Reality Show, live! by Sunil Sharma
(7) Resurrecting Shelly by Dawn DeBraal

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Volume 2 Prompt 1

This year, the American confectionery company Necco went bankrupt and the classic Valentine’s candy Sweethearts went down with them. After 116 years of manufacturing sugary conversation starters, people will have to rely on their own wits to express their adoration.

For this week’s prompt, I want you to select a Sweethearts’ message and use it. The message should also double as the title. There are many lists of messages available such as this one or this one. And, as usual, 500 words, due 2/14 by 8 pm est via Green Submissions (as a PDF please).

Feel free to write me with any questions or concerns: mercurialstories@gmail.com.

Week 25: Prompt


Welcome to week 25. This week’s prompt requires a little research. What happened on this day in the year you were born? (“This day” being the day you write the story.) My suggestion is to look at the headlines and go from there. Like for instance, on September 10th, 1979 Cleveland began bussing students, arson was suspected in 2 more barn fires, Louisana was hunting down some escapees, and a hostage guard survived a slit throat. More story possibilities than I know what to do with, actually. Find a story that you can follow back to the people involved. Those are your characters.

I look forward to reading your stories on Thursday evening. Now get writing.

No. 12: Addy: Playlist

To accompany this week’s special prompt, a playlist that is a little special itself. I tried to find songs to match scenes. I think I did a decent job of it but if you have a song you want to add, just leave your suggestion in the comments.

On this list we have some Paul Simon, Roy Orbison, Ra Ra Riot, Superchunk, and many, many more. 21 songs to get you cranking on your story. Enjoy!

Playlist No. 5

This week’s playlist for the prompt “lunar eclipse” is now ready for listening.
I threw in some blue moon, super moon, and blood moon songs for good measure because I can only tolerate so many new agey eclipse instrumental songs.
This week we have some Pink Floyd, The Hives, Elvis, Stereolab, Beck, Chet Baker, among others, brought together so you can write some amazing stories (by Thursday).
Happy listening!

Prompt No. 4 “Blue” Playlist

This week’s playlist features Miles Davis, Soley, Lana Del Rey, The Who and many more wonderful sounds that bring the word “blue” to life.
Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and I am extending the deadline this week by one day. Mainly to give myself a chance to catch up. Happy writing.

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