Week 24: Prompt

A little late this week because, well, Mondays. Yesterday was a bit more tiresome than usual due to my classes starting up again and the fact that I am from Jacksonville. It has given me a lot to think about, regarding gun rights and violence and racial disparity. I will write about it elsewhere but... Continue Reading →


Week 20: Prompt

Turns out, if you Google "small town", my hometown is right there on top. I look forward to seeing your stories and if you have any suggestions for tomorrow's playlist, add it in the comments.

No. 11: Prompt

Hello and welcome to our eleventh week of flash fiction writing here at Mercurial Stories. This last weekend I bought a mood ring, a thin band that changes colors with my mood (okay, really it is my body temperature but it's still pretty and entertains my students and children). I was fascinated by mood rings... Continue Reading →

Prompt Nº 3

This week, our prompt is: Trolls. They can be any sort of troll(s). Norweign, Russian, whatever you like. Just include troll(s) in your story. Remember, 500 words sent to mercurialstories@gmail.com by Thursday. And if you can, remember to share our project with your friends. The more participants we get, the more reading we get to... Continue Reading →

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