Story Podcast

Podcast Episode 7 (Vol. 1 Issue 35)

Podcast Episode 6 (Vol. 1 Issue 34)

Podcast Episode 5 (Vol. 1 Issue 33)
This week’s podcast was guest hosted by Malt Schlitzmann, a mighty poet who can be found here as well as here.

Podcast Episode 4 (Vol. 1 Issue 32)

Podcast Episode 3 (Vol. 1 Issue 31)

Podcast Episode 2 (Vol. 1 Issue 30)

Podcast Episode 1 (Vol. 1 Issue 29)

Here’s how it works:

Weekly episodes: 
Every submission will be assigned a number. I will then draw two numbers in order to randomly select the stories that will be read for the podcast.

Monthly extended episodes:
At the end of every month, I will randomly select a contributor to interview. Every contribution equals an entry into this lottery. So if you contribute four stories for the month, you will have four chances versus the one chance you will have if you only contribute once.

Interested in helping with the podcast?
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