Week 26: Prompt



Week 25: Prompt

Welcome to week 25. This week's prompt requires a little research. What happened on this day in the year you were born? ("This day" being the day you write the story.) My suggestion is to look at the headlines and go from there. Like for instance, on September 10th, 1979 Cleveland began bussing students, arson... Continue Reading →

Week 24: Prompt

A little late this week because, well, Mondays. Yesterday was a bit more tiresome than usual due to my classes starting up again and the fact that I am from Jacksonville. It has given me a lot to think about, regarding gun rights and violence and racial disparity. I will write about it elsewhere but... Continue Reading →

Week 22: Prompt

Inspired by the neverending heatwave... Look forward to seeing your stories this week. And hey, how about inviting a friend to give it a try this week? The more the merrier, right? See you Thursday!

Week 21: Prompt

Hello and welcome to Week 21! So this week,  I want you to use a nonsense word in your story but do not define it directly. Rather, let the explanation be in the context. For example: "Hank, grab the sannibroet!" "No, Martha, I really don't think it has come to that. I mean, look at... Continue Reading →

Week 20: Prompt

Turns out, if you Google "small town", my hometown is right there on top. I look forward to seeing your stories and if you have any suggestions for tomorrow's playlist, add it in the comments.

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